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AOC Expatcare App – Expat Health insurance comparisons & rewards

AOC Insurance Broker is pleased to present its new loyalty and reward program and announce the launch of its new application AOC Expatcare for expatriates who want to compare international health insurances.
AOC Insurance Broker is supported and awarded by Finance Innovation and French Tech as an innovative insurtech with its disruptive model dedicated to the health insurance industry (see AOC Media folder)
AOC Expatcare is the first mobile App comparing international private medical health insurances for expatriates taking their needs in consideration and leaning on digital health and the latest technologies on connected devices.

With AOC Expatcare App, policyholders can:

  • Easily manage their health insurance in real time by simply clicking on the insurer/provider’s logo and uploading a picture of their insurance certificate they have taken to our platform
  • Make a live comparison based on their needs using the AOC Expatcare algorithm while being able to interact with an AOC Team expert
  • Communicate and interact with the AOC team via chatbot, click to call, Skype me and email
  • Prevent risks and act becoming actors of their health through a machine learning platform and digital/human recommendations
  • Obtain a discount coupon on the Garmin store to purchase internet of things devices and monitor their health
  • Track the loyalty points they accumulate in the AOC The Family program and receive rewards

Above all, AOC Expatcare is a commitment and loyalty program rewarding the efforts of our insureds who take preventive actions via digital and human health and the latest technologies of rupture (blood tests, genetics tests, sensors and wearables, interpretations of medical files to ICD10 norm, follow-up and recommendations etc.).

AOC Expatcare is also an application and a scalable platform dedicated to health insurance industry and adapted to the consumption patterns of Baby boomers, Gen x, Millenials and Gen Z expatriated all over the world who want more interaction, services and benefit from the health of the future.

How it works

AOC Insurance Broker has developed exclusive partnerships with world major players in the healthtech which are now part of the services we offer to our clients.
Today, AOC Insurance Broker gives you the opportunity to join us to offer your AOC members and your insureds a model combining insurance, preventive health and health of the future.

The AOC Expatcare customer engagement program and the smartcare health platform of our partner Medicus with its medical team analyses, interprets, recommends, prevents and manages medical risks (blood tests, genetic tests, ADN, monitoring with internet of things, etc.)
With this model, you benefit from an “ethical” image, you reduce your exposure to claims in the medium term by better controlling your loss ratio and finally, you increase customer loyalty.
You know that the cost of acquiring an insured is high and that our revenues are based on renewal and retention of insurance policies. We meet our common requirements while creating a virtuous circle between the insured, the insurer and the intermediary.

The “AOC The Family” Loyalty Program

The amount of the discount granted is subject to the limits indicated in our table according to the status (Silver or Platinum) of the member.
The transition to the next level is achieved by earning points, which are obtained the following way:

  • Subscribe to international health insurance
  • Get involved in prevention through our smartcare digital health program
  • Recommend AOC to your friends and relatives
  • Become an AOC super ambassador
  • Renew your policy with the same insurer/provider

At the time of enrolment and to make a market difference, we offer to all of our new customers a voucher that can be used on the Garmin store via the AOC Expatcare application, on a selection of 3 items: a connected watch for man or woman and a connected balance. They all allow the monitoring of personal health using the m-health application of our medical partner Medicus for which we also offer membership.
Our new client confirms his commitment to preventive care.


The “AOC The Family” program aims to:

  • Disrupt and accelerate the acquisition of new customers
  • Retain existing customers loyalty
  • Gain new insureds through ambassadors in their communities

For companies, SME – SMI, ETI, large groups, international organisations, our model is different.
The smartcare digital health program and the commitment of the customer into it are included to the international health insurance group policy and the insurer/provider pays for the cost of the service. The cost is €20 per year and per active user. In this case, there will be no discount for group policies but additional services from our partners Medicus and oriented towards companies and managed by Human Resources, Chief Happiness Officer etc. such as wellness and/or Lifestyle benefit and others such as “concierge” will be added.

If you wish to go further, we can also integrate our loyalty program and smartcare health program into your application. With our partner we can deliver an API with a test phase on 10,000 members before deployment.

Discover the features of AOC Expatcare in video and or install AOC Expatcare app on.